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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pre-Op APT was yesterday.....

Had my pre-op apt yesterday. I feel more worried now than before! Is the surgery really this Friday?

I maybe blessed - but I am still stressed!

I got to Oakland at 11am and Met with my surgeon, got about 90% chance of a full recovery. 9/10....not bad!

11:30 am had my pre-surgery check up...I'm as healthy as can be!

Went to a two hour class at 2pm about what to expect before and after surgery...I was the dorky one who already knew everything...made me feel like a total geek, but my profession is managing a Library, so i guess i am. lol

Anyways, according to them - "I AM READY!".... okay-deep breaths! (calm down)

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Michelle said...

Everything will be just fine. I know it's normal to worry, I do enough of that myself. Just keep telling yourself everything will be okay. It sounds like you'll be in good hands and have nice support from family and friends. Good luck, it will all be so worth it. Soon it will all be in the past.
Take care!