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Friday, December 7, 2007


Post-op Journal
It is great to finally say……POST-OP! I had my surgery and survived. I knew I would make it, but it was scary and it has been a long week. I thought it was important to keep a day-to-day journal for others about to have the surgery.

Day 0: Pre-op and Post –op
Surgery is today! Freaking out here! I got to the hospital around 6:30am. I was given pills to relax at 7am, so I wasn’t as nervous anymore. In fact, I was a little goofy. As I walked back to the operating room, I had to say good bye to my mom and dad. Saying good bye almost made me cry so I quickly said good bye and walked away. All I remember from the operating room was my anesthesiologist and a nurse. The anesthesiologist said he was going to give me something to relax me even more but that is all I remember, so I think it did more than relax me – it knocked me completely out. I don’t recall being woke up. I came to an hour or so after surgery in the recovery room with a nurse nearby. The entire day was kind of a blur and time went by really quickly. Before I knew it, the day was over and it was bed time. I slept pretty good except the nurse came in a lot throughout the night, but it was okay because most of the time she was giving me more morphine. Morphine was my best friend!

Day 1: Going home
I got a visit from the Doctor this morning around 7am, and was told I looked really good and could go home. However, I had to wait until 10am before I was released by the nurses. The drive home was miserable. It was a two hour drive home and it seemed to take forever even though I slept most of the way. I was so happy to finally be home!

Day 2: Keeping it Clean
Woke up at 6:30am with lots of pain and discomfort. Hanging in there though. I found that even though I am tired and it takes all my energy to clean my mouth - I feel ten times better when I am done. I use my baby tooth brush and brush bottom and top & front to back (all the way back). I was given a sponge sucker; it is on a sucker stick with a small round sponge at the top. I soak it in salt water and gently move it around my stitches to get all the saliva and liquid food that builds up. It takes a lot out of me, but it really does feel good after I am done. Doing this twice a day everyday!

Day 3: What have I done!
Happy 25th Birthday to ME!!!! Not really a great birthday at all! I think today is the roughest day yet. Maybe it’s due to the fact that its my birthday and I am miserable. But today is the first day I thought to myself “what have I done!” I know I will feel better soon, but today is not the day!

Day 4: Feeling Great!
Considering it was only 4 days ago that I had surgery…..I’m doing rather well. I was told that day 4 and 5 are the hardest days. I was told that the swelling the bruising gets the worse today, but so far I have no bruising and the swelling is not all that bad. Compared to yesterday – I feel like a rock star!
Lots of drooling though but using a warm salt water mouth wash seems to help a lot.

Day 5: Mouth exercises
Since the beginning I was told I should talk instead of write everything. Well the problem is no one could understand me since day one so I write a lot. However, I really need to talk so I can work out the muscles in my jaw. So instead I do mouth exercises. I smile and relax multiple times during the day. It seems to be helping me talk better today.

Day 6: Adventure Out
Today I left the house for the first time. I went to the store down the street and only bought four items, but that little adventure out took a lot out of me. Baby-steps!

Day 7: 1 WEEK POST-UP!
I cannot believe it has been one week since I had upper and lower jaw surgery! I cannot believe that I still never had any bruising or real swelling either. I fear every morning when I wake up that when I look into the mirror I will a huge black and blue head. But every morning I wake up and it looks better and better.

Want to take time to say thanks……Thank you Mom! My 24 hour care giver- You are the best! LOVE YOU LOTS
Thank you Jimmy! (1434) My 24 hour “putting up with me” care giver  aka boyfriend!
Thank you Dad! My strength giver – I love you so much.
Thank you Neesie, Kyle, and Chris-D for helping around the house– I love you guys!
Thank you Jo Mom and Aunt Steph for the home made soups!
Thank you everyone who called me to say happy b-day, hang in there, and I love you, etc….