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"Kindness is a language we can all understand. Even the blind can see it and the deaf can hear it." ~ Mother Theresa.

Monday, March 17, 2008

3 Months Post OP

I am horrible....I have not wrote nor have I posted any new pics....shame on me! Sorry Bloggers! So how have I been? GREAT! I am so happy I had the surgery. I was told by Dr. Oryan that I made the surgery look so easy. What made everything go so great? 1. I have the best doctors! 2. Great Attitude 3. Listen to your doctors 4. If you cannot talk after surgery cuz no one understands you...do it anyways! I would talk, then right it down, and then talk again. My care taker learned the "wired mouth language" and I got better at talking. 5. I worked out my mouth by smiling and relaxing, smile, relax, smile, relax, etc.... 6. I did not sleep at anything less than a 90 degree angel (recliner) until 1 month post op and even then I used 4 pillows. This helped with swelling and bruising. 7. ICE A LOT 8. Drink even though its a workout. Drink a lot! 9. Keep it clean! once again a workout but well worth it for a fast recover. 10. Do your homework! Know what to expect before, during, and after.