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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Met with the Ortho - I HATE surgical hooks !

Met with the ortho and got my surgical hooks put in and the strongest wires on the top and bottom.

My mouth hurts so bad. I thought my spacers hurt, but this is unbearable! Its cutting my mouth up and the pressure is giving me a sinus headache feeling.

I cannot eat...looks like I am starting my soft food diet early! ERRR, wish I would have ate a better last meal the night before.

Has anyone else experienced this before?


Michelle said...

I havent had surgical hooks but for sure the SINUS HEADACHE PRESSURE...deal-E-O! I think you will notice a change for the good in a couple of days. This happens to me almost at every adjustment, the pressure and discomfort normally last about 2-3 days. It will get better!

Michelle said...

Well I just remembered you said your surgery is Friday, so saorry to say it won't be better in a couple of days. You will have other pains and pressures but GOLLY GEE it will be sooooo worth it. You will do just fine, I will look forward to hearing all about your surgery afterwards.

Dezi said...

Thank you Michelle