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"Kindness is a language we can all understand. Even the blind can see it and the deaf can hear it." ~ Mother Theresa.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Peace of Mind

In the blogs I have posted before, I wrote about my fears of having jaw surgery. I have been praying for everything to be okay, to have a fast recovery, and for nothing to go wrong. Yesterday’s blog I wrote about my fear of having a panic / anxiety attack and how I would handle myself at the Hospital right before and after surgery.

Last night I read something that just made me feel a lot better and I thought I would share this with everyone.

“We pray for a certain outcome in any given situation, when what we should be praying for is peace of mind – No matter which outcome occurs.” Sarah Ban Breathnach

WOW! What a powerful and true statement! All this time I have been praying about the outcome when I really just need to pray for is peace of mind. I should pray to have the strength to except whatever happens- happens.


Mary said...

Hi Dezi,
Wow, that's quite an overbite you have. I love the beautiful quote by Mother Teresa -- it can be quite challenging sometimes to be generous in the moment, and a worthwhile effort! I just wanted to tell you that I know how you feel about the fear of the surgery. I had a complete terror of my surgery and had extra months to be afraid since my first surgery date was postponed for 2 months. But after I woke up from my surger (4.5 hours, 11 mm advance including genioplasty) I realized how silly it is to be afraid. It was such a piece of cake. In face, I woke up feeling fine and with almost no pain. The pain part actually comes a few days later when the swelling peaks, usually around day 4. I did see a hypnotherapist for a few sessions before the surgery to calm me down and I think it did help. As others have said, you just need to show up on the day of surgery, relax, and surrender to your surgeon who has done this many times. When I had my surgery a year ago I on purpose did no reading or research about it so that I would not be even more frightened. So when I came home I began to read all the blogs. The first few days are EMOTIONALLY hard but I think that's becaues our emotional (animal) brain is separate from our intelligent brain. So you just have to allow yourself to feel the way you do and to remind yourself that you will get through the first few days. I actually really look back fondly over the 2 weeks I spent at home after my surgery. All I had to do was relax, nap, watch TV and eat soup and drink shakes. Good luck, Mary
PS--when its all over, you will love your result!!

Michelle said...

How true and breathtaking, praying for a peace of mind. I can tell you will do fine, even amidst your anxiety, I can tell you have great inner strength and a solid foundation of faith. God Bless You!

Dezi said...

Thank you Mary and Michelle!

Lars said...

Hi Dezi,

I have the same feelings as you have. My surgery is still a month away but I am getting nervous. However, I feel like after reading all the blogs, everything will be okay. You can do it! :) It will be hard not to munch on yummy things, but in the end it will be all worth it. Goodluck and I will def. be following your progress in recovering. :)

Graham said...

Hey Dezi, you're going to do great! The anxiety is really the worst part. As long as you have someone around to help you out once you get home for a couple of weeks you'll be good to go. Plus you're still young and that makes a big difference too. The first week is rough but you'll make it. Are you sure you're going to be wired? Most surgeon's use plates and screws now. You will likely have elastic bands on holding your mouth shut though. You just need to make sure your nose stays clear, which shouldn't be too hard. Be sure to call your surgeon if you find it too hard to breath since he may allow you to cut the elastics temporarily. Not to say that you will have this problem, but if so then don't be afraid to make him work for his money! ...Oh, and be sure to post some photos of your profile without pushing your jaw forward so we can compare the before and after. Soon you won't be able to do that anymore, how's about that! :o)

Dezi said...

Thank you so much Graham....I already took some before pics...just haven't transfered them from my camera to computer though. I will keep everyone posted.

Thanks again!

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