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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fast Foward

I wish I could fast foward through time and see what the result of my actions will bring. Looking back I know that if I would have had this surgery when I was younger, my life might be different now....but who knows how different. I know that every decision I have made in the past led me to where I am today and the person who I have become. Going through this surgery will lead me on another path, and I just cannot help but wonder where the path goes and where I will end up. The decision to go through with this surgery was very easy....YES, yes I will have this surgery - without a doubt. However, my fears are after surgery. What will my life be like, what tables will turn, and what will be the result of my action to go forth with this surgery. Of course I wonder if I will be okay and if I will have a 100 % recover; that is number one. But next on the list is my life chaning experience. The journey will be interesting and in the end I cannot live with regret. For every negative there is a positive and visa-versa.

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Matia said...

Thanks for writing this.